Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Butler II Paging System for Home Health Care

The Butler II is the low cost, programmable, battery operated solution to home health care communications. As an example, each button could be programmed for a specific message, ie. I need water, I need a blanket, I need bathroom assistance, I need meds, etc. When the objective is take the greatest care of your patient/loved one, wouldn't it be great if you knew what they wanted before you actually made the first trip to their room? Not to mention the amount of time and steps that could be saved; time that could be spent further improving customer satisfaction.

The simple push button transmitter is easy to use and may be attached to almost any surface, whether it be bedside, a wheelchair, or in the bathroom. Staff can be alerted to any needs or emergency with the simple push of a button.

Product Feature:
* UHF Frequency
* Wireless - no wiring involved
* Quality - it's durable and user friendly
* Scalable - add units to the system at any time
* Battery Operated - 3 AAA batteries
* 1 user configurable trigger (can be used to monitor doors and much more)
* Service - 24/7 Technical Support
* Compact - 1.5"w x 7"h x .875"
* Software for custom messaging may be purchased separately

Product Benefits:
* Improve response time
* Enhance patient service
* Messaging is detailed and fully customizable
* Easy to install and use
* Allows quick on-site communication

All systems come complete with a one-year warranty. For a quote on a system that meets your needs or for more information, please call 877-942-9926.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

National Restaurant Show

Don't forget, the National Restaurant Show starts this weekend, May 16-19, in Chicago at McCormick Place. While you're at the show stop by our booth #6032 and ask for Claude Alexander, or call 877-942-9926 for the very best deals on all your paging needs. We will have special package pricing available during the show. And don't miss out on getting a sneak peak on some new and exciting products!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

NetPage Unlimited

The Paging Solution for Every Business.

Pagersforless is proud to introduce it's newest product, NetPage Unlimited. This on-site wireless paging system offers organization for any industry, of any size, while providing superior communication capabilities. Since NetPage is the first network based PC paging product, it is able to offer scalability and unlimited range. So as your company grows and your communication needs expand, NetPage will be there to grow with you.

  • NetPage uses "Paging Families" to minimize interference and maximize transmission, giving you the fast paging possible.
  • Using Transmit Controllers, paging range can be extended to eliminate dead spots creating a mini wide area paging network. This network can be extended to include various office locations including global locations.
  • Since NetPage IP , anyone can access it without installation on their PC.
  • As we continue to develop new features, these upgrades will be easily added to your existing system, keeping your communication optimized
  • Instant and silent communication between staff
  • Send messages directly from any networked PC
  • Easy-to-use interface with the most advanced features
  • Eliminate overhead paging
  • Page individuals or groups
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Improve staff response time
  • Reduce on-hold hang ups
  • Efficient, quick, and reliable communication throughout your organization
  • Reach staff or guests no matter where they are
  • Multiple paging and alert modes using wireless messaging to pagers, cellular phones, and email
NetPage Unlimited is now available on our site! For more information or to see a live demo, please contact us at 877.942.9926 or send us an email at

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Table Genie for Dinner Theater

Table Genie increases sales and guest satisfaction while decreasing labor cost. now introduces the unique Table GenieT push-for-service system to its line of wireless paging products. This small, stylish transmitter helps increase food sales by letting guests page their server whenever they need service. That way, servers wait on the guests, not the other way around.

"Table Genie is perfect for comedy clubs, dinner theaters and nightclubs," explains Claude Alexander, pagersforless president. "It keeps guests happier by giving them the convenience of on-demand service.

Omar Khan, owner of Star Cinema Grill with locations in Texas initially invested in Table Genie to increase sales and guest satisfaction and discovered an added benefit. Since installation, their labor costs have decreased by 13%! "We are cutting 4 servers per shift and that is a significant labor savings for us" States Mr. Khan.

The durable, tamper-resistant Table Genie sits right on the table. When a guest needs service, they just press a button and the Table Genie pages their waiter instantly and silently. It has three buttons, but will operate in one or three-button mode. Each button can be programmed to send a specific message (service, check, manager, etc.) to a touch screen monitor that displays the tables requesting service and/or directly to the server's alphanumeric pager. The table unit's buttons also light up with a soft white glow when depressed to help servers visually locate the table requesting service. This soft light can only be deactivated when the server visits the table and that visit is then tied back to a quality control report so management can evaluate overall service times and individual servers.

For more information, call 1-877-942-9926, or click our direct Table Genie link at Table Genie is the latest in a full line of hospitality performance products available on the site.

"Improving your wireless business communications for over 20 years."

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Calling All Foodies! announces their new restaurant referral affiliate payment plan. Here's how the referral plan works. You email or call us with the details about a new restaurant that is about to open or has opened in your area, and if we sell your prospect any of our fine guest and/or server paging systems then we send you a check for 5% of the sale. How great is that? You get paid for doing what you love to do - dishing about new restaurants.

We have been selling guest and server paging systems for over 20 years, and all of our systems come with a full 2 year parts and labor warranty and are serviced by the best staff in the industry. This offer only excludes chain restaurant operations that already use our systems but any and all others are potentially profitable prospects for you.

Are you waiting in line at that hot new place and they are still calling out your name instead of paging you with a pager or on your cell phone, contact us. The information you provide us with might have paid for your dinner that night; a typical guest paging system sale is around $2,000.00, so 5% would have paid you the easiest $100.00 you ever made. Visit our web site to view our products or contact us via email ( or toll free @ 877-942-9926.
Bon appetite on!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Butler II Laser Engraving Paging System

If you are in the manufacturing industry today, you undoubtedly have heard of Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing and have considered how to streamline your own operations. For those in the laser engraving industry, consider the Butler II. This battery operated, wireless transmitter sends a signal to a pager worn by your operator when your laser finishes a job run. The pager allows your operator to perform other duties, saving labor dollars and eliminating wasted productivity.

The Butler II also allows up to five individual messages to be sent to different pagers from the same transmitter.

For example:
Button #1 - Job run completed.
Button #2 - I need material delivered to Laser 2
Button #3 - I need material picked up at Laser 2
Button #4 - I need maintenance at Laser 2
Button #5 - I need a supervisor at Laser 2

Call 877.942.9926 with any questions, or check out our auction listing for the Butler II Laser Engraving Paging System on EBay.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Butler II Loading Dock Paging System

There are so many ways to use our Butler II paging system. For those in manufacturing, save labor dollars at your loading dock by using a Butler II paging system to allow arriving drivers to page loading dock staff rather than having a full time person manning the dock area. The Butler II's water proof push button transmitter can be wall mounted on your buildings exterior or just inside a dock area entrance door. Here are the benefits:

The Butler II Transmitter:

  • Completely wireless and installs with screws, zip strips, or hook and loop fasteners in minutes
  • Operates on three AAA batteries – no wiring required
  • Transmits it's own “low battery” indicator to the pager after months of use.
  • Completely programmable – Butlers can be programmed to report to pagers for a specific area identification. ie doors, and/or docks.
  • Transmits up to a ¼ mile of range
  • Transmits to a small 4 line alpha numeric pager worn by your personnel
  • Transmitter signal is repeatable to cover large areas – call for free consultation on use of repeaters

The alpha numeric pager

  • Small, unobtrusive pager that clips to your belt
  • Operates for months on a single AAA battery
  • Programmable for tone and/or vibration – length of vibration and vibration intensity can be easily programmed to your preference
  • Auto on and off function for extending battery life

One year parts and labor factory warranty on all components.

Very low cost and will typically ROI in weeks, not months!

For more information please call 877.942.9926 or view this auction listing on ebay.

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